About Us

Onwards to a Positive Life

Life starts at 40! Don’t laugh, it’s true. Presumably, when you reach that age, you now have a mature way of thinking. You now have a stable job, a steady income, and even a hefty amount of savings. You have a family and a group of friends who love you. And perhaps, you are one of those people who have all the free time in the world.

There’s no cause for worry, anxiety, or apprehension. You’re at the prime of your life!

Who Are We

100 Plus Life is a Sport is a specialty website that is tailored for those who want to enjoy life when they reach the right side of 40. We are a website that is filled with articles that will help you face the world as you move forward in your life. Our well-written and useful articles touch on subjects such as

* health for senior citizens

* diets and culinary experiences for senior citizens

* sports, exercise, and activities for the elderly

* facing old age positively

* combating depression and sadness

* travel and holidays for the elderly

* connecting with the younger generation

* technologies that are age-friendly

* rekindling relationships

* and more!

With 100 Plus Life is a Sport, you will welcome old age excitement and open arms!

Dedicated Professionals

100 Plus Life is a Sport also has a network of product and service providers who specialize in making your life journey better! We have respected therapists, doctors, dieticians, fitness instructors, sports coaches, and other professionals ready to provide you a tailored regimen. We also have established providers of dietary supplements, vitamins, gym equipment, and other products that are specifically made for senior citizens.

100 Plus Life Is a Sport: dedicated to give you a positive life.