We can’t escape getting old and eventually dying; it’s Mother Nature’s way of replenishing herself. And for many people, the prospect of growing old scares them. They are afraid of getting beset with arthritis, cardiopulmonary ailments, osteoporosis, and other diseases related with old age. They are afraid that they won’t be able to enjoy life’s pleasures like travelling to other places, playing sports, or even engaging in extreme activities. They are afraid their younger loved ones will abandon them; after all, their sons and daughters have their own lives to take care of.

happy old couple

This should certainly be not the case. Remember the adage, “Sixty is the new twenty”? Indeed, age is just a number; and more and more senior citizens have realized that they can still enjoy life, perhaps even more so than when they were young. Here are some reasons why growing old is not as bad as you think:

* Let’s start the list with a rather unpleasant fact: no one wants to die young. When people hear about young people killed due to accidents, personal altercations, or illness, they consider it a tragedy. He or she is too young to die, they say. However, many folks get sad each birthday, complaining that they are getting too old too soon. This should not be a case of sadness; remember that growing old is the sole, sure way to avoid dying young.

* You are filled with wisdom. Existing on earth for 50, 60, 70, or more years means one thing: you have accumulated years of knowledge, experiences, and wisdom that makes you a living warehouse of information. Young people look at the world with rose-tinted glasses, but you know better. Through the years, you know how the world works. And you can impart your practical knowledge to the younger generation.

* Old age gives you all the time to accomplish your life goals. You may have always wanted to write a novel, compose a couple of songs, travel around the world, or create miniature ships. But, most probably, your goals may be waylaid due to the requirements of life—raising a family, earning income, nurturing a married life, running a business, etc. As you grow old, you resign from your job, you let someone else run your business, and you let go of your sons and daughters so they could start their own lives. This leaves you plenty of time to focus on working on your life’s goals.

the happy couple* You can go reckless to be happy. Oh, yes! You’re at the twilight of your life, so there’s no use in holding back limits. Go rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, or mountaineering. Go for a late night ice cream, watch a movie marathon, or have a fun time in the bar with the old boys. Remember, only you can make yourself happy, and life would definitely be a waste if you don’t do something that you’d enjoy doing.

* You enjoy a lot of privileges. Businesses, government agencies, and other entities often give special privileges to senior citizens. Shopping centers and stores, for instance, give special discounts to the elderly. Many government agencies and service centers usually install a special line for the elderly. And senior citizens get special treatment from ordinary citizens; for example, young men usually offer their seats on a full bus if they see old people standing on the aisle.

Indeed, growing old is great!