It’s never too late to discover the world. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80. You can travel and visit world-famous sights, explore spectacular sceneries, sample exotic cuisine, experience another culture, or partake in unique activities. Indeed, we have met lots of elderly backpackers, mountaineers, and adventurers who prefer to be on their feet and on the go rather than sitting in their rocking chairs.

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Don’t make your age an excuse to forego your dream of travelling around the world. At the same time, however, you should put your feet on the ground and realize you’re not as active or healthy as when you are in your youth. As a senior citizen, you need to take a few things into consideration:

Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

* Research and plan.
Before travelling to another country, you should study the destination first. Thorough research and proper planning can help save you money, prevent hassles, and make travelling more efficient. Know which attractions you need to see, schedule your tours and visits, find out how much money you need to bring, etc. A travel agent or an experienced traveller could help you formulate your travel plan.

* Ask and book for special services.
When booking airlines, hotels, tours, and other services, ask for special services that are offered to senior citizens. For instance, in many airlines, there are rows that are designated for aged travellers. Such airlines can even provide you with free wheelchair service at your destination. In the same manner, hotels have specially designated rooms and services for senior citizens.

* Have a thorough physical checkup.
Submitting yourself for a thorough checkup from a licensed physician is extremely important before travelling. Your body cannot fight diseases and stresses as effectively as when you were in your yesteryears. Thus, in another country, you may be afflicted with ailments and discomforts. For instance, coming from a cold Scandinavian country, you may feel really sick when you arrive at a tropical Southeast Asian country. Your doctor should be able to determine if you are fit to travel.

couple on beach* Consider special dietary concerns.
If you are maintaining a special diet, you should visit your dietician who can give you advice on what meals to eat once you arrive at your destination. Remember that the dishes that you normally eat in your home country may not be available in your destination. Thus, ask your dietician about alternatives or other choices that you can eat in your destination.

* Don’t forget to bring documentation.
Your passport, visa, doctor’s certificates, IDs, and other pertinent documents should be brought with you. This is very important in case you need personal papers to process something. Also, bring your senior citizen’s card if your country has issued you one. By presenting your senior citizen’s card, you can take advantage of discounts, special services, and freebies in many stores, service centers, and business establishments.

These simple but essential tips should help you in your quest to discover the world.