The Eurobike Festival highlights e-bikes more than anything else, and it allows you to explore several different manufacturers of electric bikes on both indoor and outdoor test tracks. Not only will you learn all about them, but you’re be able to test drive an electric bike through the hillside and different trails.

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The Popularity Of Electric Bikes In Sydney

Electric bikes have become popular in Sydney and some residents use them daily, even to get to work or school, as they work well with the big hills. These electric bikes have several advantages including:

• They don’t use gasoline so you won’t be adding to the earth’s pollutions.

• You’ll be able to ride through the city easier without dealing with traffic jams. It allows you to use your car less frequently and experience the thrill of this new phenomenon.

• You’ll stay in shape. While it’s less taxing, you can pedal as much as your fitness level allows and adjust it as needed.

Highlights Of The Eurobike Festival

Since 1991, this German bike festival has set the trend for international bicycle exhibitions. In 2013, more than 100 countries were represented with over 45,000 exhibits and around 20,000 interested cyclists. During the five-day festival, visitors experience different aspects of e-bikes and the unique feeling of riding one.

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• The festival always kicks off with Demo Day, which is held the day before the festival officially starts on the exhibition grounds. This gives both trade visitors and journalists a chance to test the newest trends in e-bikes as well as road and mountain bikes. My friends and I tested a bunch of bikes, including ae BH Easy Motion Neo and a Lombardo Bosch Amantea.

• Throughout the festival, e-bikes were the highlight more than ever. Each day, I could watch different companies present their e-bikes either in Zeppelin Hall or by the Eastern outdoor track. After that, I could ride them on different test tracks to see which one would best fit my needs.

• The Rapha Invitational Rides are not to be missed. I went in the evening, using one of their Pinarello bikes and loved riding through the country trails, starting near Meersburg and finishing at Meese, where I enjoyed a barbecue with other riders. They also run a similar course in the mornings, finishing with a home-cooked country breakfast.

• While previewing the new e-bikes coming for 2015, I listened to speakers lecture about Bosch has become the number one brand for e-bikes but that customers still have concerns and how they’re trying to correct those for future bikes.

• On the weekend, tourist and travel organizations will speak about how to experience a biking holiday. Different travel companies feature different offers, including different bikes ideal for bike tourism, camping gear, hotel accommodations, and a variety of picturesque destinations.

• Other highlights of the festival including trying some of the new helmets, as well as perusing the collection of specialty bike wheels and brakes.

I have attended the Eurobike Festival for years and bought some more accessories to make riding my electric bikes Sydney or elsewhere even easier. I can get to work faster and enjoy a relaxing trail ride on weekends.